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            Passage 1

            Jim Thorpe was a Native American. He was born in 1888 in an Indian Territory(印弟安人保护区)that is now Oklahoma. Like most Native American children then, he liked to fish, hunt, swim, and play games outdoors. (76)He was healthy and he had very little formal education. In 1950, Jim Thorpe was named the greatest American football player. He was also an Olympic gold medal winner. But Thorpe had many tragedies in his life.

            Jim had a twin brother who died when he was nine years old. By the time he was 16, his mother and father were also dead. Jim then went to a special school in Pennsylvania for Native American children. There, he learned to read and write and also began to play sports. Jim was poor, so he left school for two years to earn some money. During this time, he played on a baseball team. (77)The team paid him $15 a week. Soon he returned to school to complete his education. Jim was a star athlete(运动员)in several sports, including baseball, running, and football. He won many awards for his athletic ability, mainly for football. In many games, he scored all or most of the points for his team.

            In 1912, when Jim Thorpe was 24 years old, he became part of the U.S. Olympic team. He competed in two very difficult events: the pentathlon and the decathlon. Both require great ability and strength. The pentathlon has five track and field events, including the long jump and the 1,500-meter race. The decathlon has ten track and field events, with running, jumping, and throwing contests.

            People thought it was impossible for an athlete to compete in both the pentathlon and the decathlon. So everyone was surprised when Thorpe won gold medals in both events. When the King of Sweden presented Thorpe with his two gold medals, he said, “Sir, you are the greatest athlete in the world” Thorpe was a simple and honest man. He just answered, "Thanks, King."

            1. From the passage we learn that Jim Thorpe was born in ____.

            A. India B. Pennsylvania C. Oklahoma D. Sweden

            2. According to the passage, most American Indian children loved all the following EXCEPT ____.

            A. fishing B. hunting C. swimming D. singing

            3. Jim Thorpe started to play sports ____.

            A. before he was nine years old B. when he was 16 years old

            C. when he was 24 years old D. before his parents passed away

            4. The word decathlon in Paragraph 3 probably means ____.

            A. jumping B. five track and field events

            C. throwing D. ten track and field events

            5. Which of the following is NOT TRUE?

            A. In 1912, Thorpe went back to finish his college education.

            B. Thorpe won two gold medals in the 1912 Olympic Games.

            C. Thorpe once played on a baseball team for money.

            D. In 1950, Thorpe was named the greatest American football player.

            Passage 2

            It can be really frustrating(使人沮丧的)for an overweight person to go to a gym and work out with a positive attitude. All one has to do is walk by almost any nice gym and notice all the healthy, sweating, "skinny" members. Sometimes they stare at those of us who are, well, zaftig. It is easy to see the judgment behind their eyes. Who wants to put up with that?

            Many people are self-conscious of their bodies and feel isolated when joining workout classes of while exercising, especially if they are larger than most of the others in the group. Now the fitness industry is finally paying attention. Popular gyms are catering(迎合)to overweight and weight conscious customers by dedicating areas where the "skinny" people are not allowed.

            There are even gyms or programs that require members to be at least 50 pounds overweight to participate.

            Trainers recommend functional fitness as a practical goal, rather than six-pack abs(六块腹肌). (78)They often use text messages to stay in touch with customers.

            Often at these specialized gyms, the trainers are overweight themselves, or working on their own weight goals, and this can help those people with anxiety caused by poor body image. The equipment has been designed for use by larger people. Wider seats, more cushioning, no mirrors ,and tinted(有色的)windows for privacy, are all important changes.

            (79) Hopefully these types of gyms will successfully grow in numbers in the future. The idea is a very simple and potentially popular one. If it helps those of us who are bigger exercise more and improve our fitness level, it's a step in the right direction.

            6. The word zaftig in Paragraph 1 is closest in meaning to ____.

            A. fat B. healthy C. friendly D. polite

            7. We can infer from the first two paragraphs that ____.

            A. most large gym chains really don't want members to show up frequently

            B. overweight people are often frustrated and pushed away by traditional gym industry

            C. regular gyms don't accept overweight people to participate in their programs

            D. overweight people have to pay extra to work out in a gym

            8. What is the training goal in the gyms catering to overweight members?

            A. To achieve functional fitness. B. To build six-pack abs.

            C. To look like a fitness model. D To be able to run long distances.

            9. As for the gyms catering to overweight members, which of the following statements is NOT TRUE?

            A. The machines are designed for larger people.

            B. Tinted windows are used to ensure extra privacy.

            C. There are large mirrors on the walls.

            D. The training goals are more realistic.

            10. Which of the following is the title for the passage?

            A. Improving Women's Self-confidence through exercises

            B.The traditional Gym Industry Is Losing Its Customers

            C.The fitness Industry is looking for New Directions

            D.Specialized Gyms Disigned for Overweight People

            Passage 3

            Since its founding in 1948, McDonald's has grown from a family burger(汉堡包)stand to a global fast-food chain, with more than 30,000 locations in 118 countries.

            With 58 million daily customers worldwide, McDonald’s is now so ubiquitous around the globe that The Economist publishes a global ranking of currencies' purchasing power based on the prices charged at the local McDonald’s, called the Big Mac Index(巨无霸指数).That’s not to say that every nation carries the same menu items: choices vary widely depending on location. Some Asian locations serve fried shrimp in a Big Mac roll, while McDonald’s in India doesn’t serve beef at all, relying instead on burgers made from vegetables, rice and beans.

            Not everyone in the world has been happy to greet Ronald McDonald when he moves to town. Many see McDonald's as a symbol of American economic and cultural chauvinism(沙文主义), and European nations in particular have viewed American-style fast food as an insult to their national food. A French farmer, Jose Bove, became something of a national hero in 1999 after he and a group of people destroyed a McDonald's under construction to protest globalization and "bad food." The next year, a bomb exploded in a French McDonald’s, killing a 27-year-old employee. (76) No one claimed responsibility.

            But regardless of whether you like their food or their policies, McDonald’s is still widely seen as one of the true pioneers of peaceful globalization.

            11. According to the passage, which of the following statements is NOT TRUE.

            A. McDonald's was founded in 1948.

            B. McDonald’s has opened its restaurants in every city of the world.

            C. McDonald’s has over 30,000 locations in the world now.

            D. McDonald’s was very small in scale in the beginning.

            12. The word ubiquitous in Paragraph 2 is most likely to mean ____.

            A. very crowded B. very dean

            C. existing everywhere D. occurring frequently

            13. From Paragraph 2, we can conclude that ____.

            A. McDonald’s designs its menu to suit the local people

            B. millions of young adults got their first job with McDonald’s

            C. the McDonald’s menu sticks to old-fashioned favorites such as the Big Mac

            D. the low prices McDonald’s bring tens of millions of people through its doors every day

            14. What did Jose Bove and his people do in 1999 to protest against McDonald's?

            A. They organized a strike.

            B. They protested outside a McDonald’s.

            C. They refused to go to a newly-built McDonald’s.

            D. They destroyed a McDonald’s under construction.

            15. In ____, an employee died in a fatal bomb attack on a McDonald’s restaurant in France.

            A. 1998 B. 1999 C. 2000 D. 2001


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